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Money Savvy

Whether you’re in financial difficulty or you’re feeling good about your financial situation, there’s always more to learn to achieve true financial freedom. The thing is, looking at the financial mountain that many of us need to summit, things seem daunting and almost impossible to overcome. Thankfully, with our step-by-step programmes, all you need to do is take the first step and we’ll help you along with the rest of your journey.


Through interactive, real-world and relevant activities, we teach adults how to manage their money better today, plan more effectively for the future, as well as all the fundamentals of finances that you need to know about before it was too late.

Couples & Currency

This workshop is aimed at couples who are either co habituating or married. The aim of the workshop is to educate the couples on key life decisions based on the life stage they are at and help them to have more honest money conversations.